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Today companies have teams in different geographic locations (different offices, telework, etc.)
The employee portal supports all these issues and challenges, ensuring an elimination of geographical dispersion of documentation as well as all the costs associated with it. You can share it with all the employees of your company, offering the following resources within the portal:

In the documents area, your employees will be able to upload the documentation in digital format as well as consult its status. If this documentation has not been processed by the finance department, it is possible for the employee to eliminate them. You can also add relevant information to the process or document so that the accountant knows in advance details about the document.

Digital File
Your employees will have access to the digital archive of fiscally relevant documents, being able to analyze them with different filters available on the portal. It is possible to download the digital file and have access to the index file according to the legal requirements of Decree-Law 28/2019. Thus, the employee has complete freedom to access all fiscally relevant documents, without the need for the finance department to look for them in folders and scan them for sending to the team, whether for internal or auditing needs.

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