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Customer Portal


Customer Portal

C-Lab offers a unique functionality in the market: a Client Portal.

The Client Portal encompasses crucial tools to make the accountant’s work a smoother transition to Accounting 4.0 for their client and has two main functions:

The access of the Cabinet clients to the Portal is an option that can be used at no additional cost.

Client Portal Resources


In the documents section, the Accountant and/or clients of the Office will be able to upload documents in digital format as well as check their status. The Portal also allows clients to add relevant information to the process or document so that the Accountant has all the details regarding the information being classified at any given moment.

Digital File

The Digital Archive complies with the legal requirements of Decree-Law 28/2019 and allows real-time access, consultation, analysis, and downloading of all tax-relevant documents. The search and consultation of these documents are carried out through different filters available on the Portal, and it is also possible to download the digital archive and access the index file according to legal requirements.


The Banking section on the Portal provides access to an analysis of the bank summary, bank transactions, or bank statements. It allows for efficient and quick analysis of the bank summary for each year, including different balances, inflows, outflows, as well as the variation from one month to the next in both euros and percentage.

The Sales section provides access to a graph that shows the evolution of sales by months and years, comparing the current state with the previous year (if the information is available on the platform). It also allows for reading the SAFT (Standard Audit File for Tax Purposes) of sales and accessing the company’s invoicing. It’s worth noting that the Office has the option, at no additional cost, to provide each client with access to their own Portal, so they can benefit from all the mentioned features.

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